AccelMath: Android App Project

As a part of CMPT 276 course, each group of four or five students have to come up with an idea for an application.  The platform would usually be different from a class to another, a semester to the next, ranging from web to mobile development.

My class focused on Android Development with Android Studio.  What we came up with is an application to test high school to undergrad students on their Mathematics abilities.  To do that, we challenge them through various topics in Mathematics such as Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Calculus.

At the moment the unreleased version of the application can be, (ironically), downloaded from the Android PlayStore by clicking this link : AccelMath PlayStore

The description can be viewed here: About AccelMath (screenshots provided).

More updates are coming.  Stay in touch.

Credits go to:

  • Jagrajan Singh Bhullar
  • Eric Lin
  • Jason Nguyen

Without them, this project would never touch reality.

Link to GitHub: AccelMath on Github.

Android PlayStore link: AccelMath PlayStore

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